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You might enjoy doing absolutely nothing or relax by reading a book or painting the landscape but there are plenty of more exciting things to do and see if that’s what you want. Personally I like to take along some art supplies and paint or do some writing, I get pleasure from sightseeing and photography.

Dine in Cambria, San Simeon, Big Sur, or Monterey it's your can even picnic save money and enjoy scenic Big on this page are a few ideas for fun dining alternatives and unique places to eat…you should find something's here that will pleasure you on your vacation or use your imagination...

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Stuff you can do and things you may want to see while vacationing Big Sur...

  • Beach Combing, Tidepooling and Kite Flying - It’s fun to walk the edge of the surf and discover what small treasures the sea has cast your way and when the tide is low you can explore the living miniature world of the tidepool and as it often does should the wind blow you should keep a kite handy… READ MORE

  • Bird Watching and Condor Spotting - From the tiny hummingbirds to the giant condors, throw in the raptors and all the shorebirds and you have a bird watchers heaven… READ MORE

  • Dining - You don’t have to eat out in Big Sur you can picnic or pass through to Cambria or Monterey but then you will miss unique eateries likethe Big Sur Bakery a very popular restaurant/bakery which has wood fired ovens (you may sometimes have to wait to be seated or you could pick a baked good to take down the road), the historic Nepenthe, or Ragged Point. Make a plan though, eating at one of Big Sur’s famous eateries can be a destination and important part of your road trip or vacation or maybe you would rather have a simple picnic with French bread, cheese and a glass of wine at one of Big Sur’s scenic areas. If you do decide to dine out set aside some time to savor and enjoy. Keep an open mind and be tolerant and aware of circumstances your meal and service may be more or less than you expect it depends on many factors which are constantly in flux at Big Sur eateries. Since many of the restaurants are isolated they have to haul many things in and freeze them to keep them fresh although many establishments are developing onsite gardens to promote the farm to table concept, save money and provide a better product. Keep in mind that the area is a “tourist trap” businesses have a captive audience and take necessary advantage of customers for many other reasons too. Also paying top dollar does not guarantee you will get the best meal and have impeccable service. Places have days on and off days and it also depends who is in the kitchen and who is serving you; Big Sur has a shortage of affordable housing and a shallow labor pool which is not well paid and usually either overworked or under worked. If you don't stop at a restaurant you should at least grab an espresso, there are many coffee options along the Pacific Coast Highway 1. Here is some hot links to help you decide where you want to eat:

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  • Elephant Seals - It is not the only place to see elephant seals but the best close by place is… READ MORE

  • Events - Big Sur has many famous annual events like the Jade Festival Festival and Big Sur Marathon but the most popular happening these days is… READ MORE

  • Hiking & Backpacking - Take five minutes and hike from your vehicle to Salmon Creek Falls or trek 5 days into the Ventana wilderness but you must… READ MORE

  • History Trips - Two California missions, a castle and ... READ MORE

  • Hunting & Fishing - Big game not so much and trophy fish are few but... READ MORE

  • Light Houses - One at each end of Big Sur no shortage… READ MORE

  • Lodging - No you don’t have to book a room you can save money by… READ MORE

  • Miscellaneous Activities: - Horseback riding, Hearst Castle, Monterey Bay Aquarium and... READ MORE

  • Monarch Butterflies - Every year they flock by the thousands… READ MORE

  • Picnicking - More fun at a lesser cost than a restaurant… READ MORE

  • Shopping - Find gifts for a friend and or a souvenir for yourself… - READ MORE

  • Sightseeing, 4 wheeling and Photography - Looking about, riding around and shooting...READ MORE

  • Water Sports, Surfing, Scuba and Skin Diving, Kayaking - Not the best in the world for any water activity but…READ MORE

  • Whale Watching - Watch with binoculars from the shore anywhere or take a tour… READ MORE

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