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If you love the river and the redwood forests like I do then one of these northern campgrounds may be for you especially if you have the family in-tow; Andrew Molera also has a nice beach, a museum and horseback riding. Get away from the coast and head for the backcountry from Botchers Gap, it will provide the opportunity…

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Botchers Gap Campground - Gateway to the Ventana Wilderness - inland alternate

Photo of the view of the Ventana Wilderness Area from Botchers Gap Campground; click to enlarge this beautiful view of the landscape of the Ventana wilderness area
A view of the Ventana Wilderness Area
A good alternative to overcrowded coast and Big Sur River Valley campgrounds: An inland "diamond in the rough"; use Botchers Gap Campground to escape the Big Sur coastal craziness and or launch explorations into the wonderful Ventana wilderness. Botchers Gap Campground is towards the east end of Palo Colorado Road (7.8 miles off PCH 1); located on a saddleback mountain it provides endless views of the Ventana wilderness. There are only 12 tent campsites (no RV's) with picnic tables, pedestal barbecue grills and fire-rings, some are walk-ins; because it is a primitive campground with no running water or firewood and off the beaten bath it is seldom full; it is first come first serve and excepts no reservations. Besides providing a nice place to camp it is a trailhead for several popular hikes into the wilderness. Only $15 per night, Parks Management Company 805-434-1996...

Botchers Gap Campground Information: click to learn more about Botchers Gap Campground.

The Soberanse fire was started by an illegal campfire !!! DO BE CAREFUL! !! follow the present restrictions, rules, and regulations;right now you can still have campfires and barbecues in designated areas (developed car campgrounds only) ...Very high fire danger level sign:  Los Padres National Forest fire restrictions level 3 and may be raised at any time; click for the complete current restrictions, regulations and requirements.
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Andrew Molera State Park Campground - by the Big Sur River Mouth - horseback riding

Photograph of the beautiful sand beach at Andrew Molera State Park; click for a bigger view of this beautiful beach next to the campground next to the Big Sur River mouth at Andrew Molera State Park.
Nice beach at Andrew Molera State Park
Sightseeing, Hiking and Activities Abound: Andrew Molera State Park Campground is a primitive walk in campground (about 1/3 mi) 21 miles south of Carmel on the Pacific Coast Highway 1. It little developed and has 25 basic campsites on a first come first serve basis. 4,800 acres including beachfront at the mouth of the Big Sur River; crisscrossed with miles of trails (no dogs), home to the Ventana Wilderness Society Discovery Center Museum and horseback tours are available. $25 per night, California State Parks, 831-667-2315.

Andrew Molera State Park Information: click to learn more about the Andrew Molera State Park Campground.

Big Sur Campground and Cabins - in a Redwood Forest on the Big Sur River

Photo of kids swimming in the Big Sur River at Big Sur Campground and Cabins.
tubing and swimming in the Big Sur River
Family Oriented Campground Fun: Big Sur Campground and Cabins is the furthest north and my favorite of several similar small privately owned campgrounds located at the north end of the Big Sur River Canyon; the comparable ones are Riverside Campground and Cabins as well as the Fernwood Resort. They are all located next to the Big Sur River, family oriented and have an assortment of types of overnight accommodations; the Big Sur Campground and Cabins excepts RV’s and offers a variety of styles of other accommodations from tent campsites and rustic tent cabins to fully equipped cabins with kitchens and fireplaces. There are shared hot showers, a coin laundry facility, a playground, basketball and volleyball courts, horseshoe pits and a swimming hole on the Big Sur River...

Big Sur Campground and Cabins Information: click to learn more about camping here.
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