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attention icon for important wildfire messageTHE SOBEURANES FIRE FOLLOWED BY THE GREAT DELUGE HAS AFFECTED MUCH OF THE BIG SUR BACK COUNTRY. attention icon for important wildfire message The whole "footprint" of the fire is a sensitive and at present closed area. The most severe Highway 1 closure called "Mud Creek Slide" will not be repaired and reopened until next year. The new Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge (MON 46.3), will soon be open but the highway closure from the massive at Mud Creek (PM 8.8) won’t be repaired until end of summer 2018 but PCH 1 from the south is open north to Salmon Creek (Mon 2.2). Almost all parks and businesses are mostly open. Nacimiento-Fergusson Road cutoff via Highway 101 still provides a good alternate access route for some trips.
Fire season is still in full swing so follow the rules and use caution.
LOCAL BUSINESSES, RESTAURANTS, AND GALLERIES ARE OPEN: All highway-side businesses are open their usual off season schedules.

Thinking of traveling around or vacationing in California's Big Sur in July, August, September, October, November or December? You've come to the right website, here on this page you find out what celebrations, festivals, or big events will be happening during your visit.

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OCTOBER 2017 in Big Sur - October often starts with Indian summer days with bright blue skies; the forest comes alive with color, the poison oak turns bright red and leaves of deciduous trees turn shades of bright yellow and amber. Monarch butterflies return to their annual wintering grounds and can be seen by the hundreds at Ragged Point, Andrew Molera State Park, further north at Pacific Grove and scattered throughout Big Sur.
Towards the end of the month often come the first of the seasons light rains.
Photo vendors table coverd with beautiful local jate at the Big Sur Jade Festival. attention icon for important wildfire messageSORRY POSTPONED BECAUSE OF FIRE AND RAINattention icon for important wildfire message CHECK BACK FOR A NEW DATE TBA The 25th Annual Big Sur Jade Festival OCTOBER Friday/Sunday TBA 2018 - The Big Sur Jade Festival is an annual October gala event held at the Pacific Valley School 60 mi south of Monterey, 40 mi north of Cambria and Pacific Coast Highway 1. Jade is one of Big Sur’s biggest natural resources but it goes beyond that, the local population has had a longtime love affair, attraction and admiration of the semi-precious mineral. Anyway they like to share the love and celebrate with the outside world with this event which features jade of every shape and form, plus music, good food and drink. This is a popular festival so be sure and make your, vending, camping and lodging reservations early.(
All October through March 2017-- many Big Sur Lodgings are offering slashed discounts ontop of the usual seasonal lowest prices because of the Highway 1 closuers, like the Big Sur Lodge Special Room Rates: seasonal lowered room rates plus more check it out. Call for information and advance reservations 831-667-3100 or toll free 1-800-424-4787.
October 18th/22nd, 2017 -- Carmel Art & Film Festival Now the 4th annual Carmel Art & Film Festival, becoming one of the premiere film festivals, and it’s not just a film festival that includes indie films and movie celebrities but a gala celebration, competition, and presentation of films and film makers, photography and photographers, contemporary music, and all the arts and artists! (831.625.3700)
Sorry October 21 & 28, 2017sold out but try TBA, 2018; 5:15PM: 11th Annual Point Sur Lightstation Ghost Tours meet at Point Sur parking lot mile marker 54.1 on Hwy One, 19 miles south of Rio Road, Carmel.; Tours are limited 40 persons so book early; Saturday tours ghostly fun will begin with a walking tour to the lighthouse in time to watch the sunset, then on to the Barn where a light buffet will be served. Later, Pt. Sur's professional actor/story-teller, Kevin Hanstick, will recount stories of Pt. Sur's ghostly past.  Julie, our "paranormal investigator," will share the results of her ghost hunts.  If you dare, explore inside one of Pt. Sur's real haunted houses, the un-restored Triplex. Dessert and hot drinks will be served in the Visitors' Center. Recommended for anyone with a sense of fun but not advised for children under 6. RESERVATIONS REQUIRED: For reservations order online for more information call (831) 649-7139 or email No: pets on tour, no people or pets left in cars, motorhomes or campers in the parking lot, no smoking, strollers or baby carriages. Donations benefit the Central Coast Lighthouse Keepers non profit.
Mondays October, 2017 -- and most Mondays all fall and winter 6:30-8:30PM Sounds In the Round: Treebones Resort Live Music; Andrea Carter, Paul Robbins, Sonia Rae, Terrell Liedstrand, Tara J. King, Todd Hannigan, Hoot and Holler and more…performing.
Like to Dress up in costume, have big fun, support a good cause? Join in one of the biggest most fun events of the off-season. The Nepenthe Big Sur Restaurant's (831-667-2345) Halloween Bal Masque; October 31st. Elaborate costumes & live music and frivolity are the highlights of this fun annual benefit for the awesome Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade.


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NOVEMBER 2017 in Big Sur - Gray Whales begin their migration south to the lagoons of Mexico to feed, birth, and breed. There are two major holidays in November worth celebrating; Thursday the 28th on Thanksgiving Day every Big Sur eatery will be doing something extraordinary like the Big Sur Lodge will be serving a special Thanksgiving buffet surrounded by bountiful land and sea products. This year Veterans Day is November 11th, that weekend.
Weekend of Nov 2-5 2017 to be better than ever the annual Big Sur Food and Wine Festival: an event to raise monies for Big Sur non-profit charities, the Big Sur Food and Wine Festival showcases the exceptional talents of local and a few highly skilled invited chefs, along with a selection of world-class wines and educational panels; featured wine maker dinners, luncheons, culinary arts combined with fine wine pouring at some of the coasts finest venues like Carmel Highlands Hyatt, Post Ranch Inn, the Henry Miller Memorial Library and plus Hiking With Stemware, Magical Mystery tours! The silent auction is phenomenal, all this and more for good causes. Save the date! the BSFWF appears to be becoming on of the biggest, best, and most popular Big Sur gala festivals, many scheduled events are sold out and others selling out quickly, for more info contact Toby:( 831) 667-0800,
All November -- Big Sur Lodge Special Room Rates: seasonal lowest prices for rooms plus extras and more because of the Highway 1 closure.. Call for advance reservations 831-667-3100 or toll free 1-800-424-4787.
Mondays November, 2017, live music, 6:30 to 8:30PM -- Treebones Big Sur Yurt Resort (805-927-2390) presents "Sounds in the Round" live music, reservations suggested.
Saturday November 4th, 2017 from 4pm to 8pm -- Celebrate with an Evening in the Garden at Mission San Antonio de Padua: an enchanting opportunity to sample local wines from many outstanding wineries, while munching upon a selection of specially catered gourmet food delights, all amid the ambiance of our Padres’ Garden. Call (831) 385-4478 ext. 10 for more details on this year's event.( Mission & Hearst Hacienda on Hunter Liggett Army Base, Jolon, CA) -- EVEN BETTER...why not take a spiritual and historical mini-vacation and stay at a historical lodge next door to a California mission museum celebrate an evening of wine, music and good food in the Padres' garden at California’s third oldest and most remote mission, Mission San Antonio de Padua at 1 p.m. Saturday and soak up some Hearst historical flavor by spending the night staying at the Hearst Hacienda and Guest Lodge (reservations 831-386-2262).

A scenic Pacific Coast Highway 1 highway closed sign and road barricade to highlight the rainy season and possibility of highway one closures. There are often rains in the middle or towards the end of October but the "Rainy Season" Generally Runs from November - February in Central California plan your road trips and adjust accordingly and check weather and road conditions before you leave home. Always drive extra cautiously on Scenic Pacific Coast Highway 1!

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DECEMBER 2017 in Big Sur - This is the month you should consider seriously taking advantage of Big Sur’s off-season rates and getting away from the hustle and bustle of your Christmas holiday routines and treating yourself to a Big Sur winter adventure; Plan a road trip up the Big Sur coast this December, the prices are down and the weather is often very pretty! (check individual business, there are many holiday vacation blackout dates on the seasonal rates and winter specials) Did you know William Randolph Hearst loved to entertain and every December he would deck the castle out lavishly for the season? And did you know that every December they still decorate Hearst Castle for Christmas like he did? You should include a tour of Hearst Castle into your Big Sur Scenic Highway 1 road trip!
Ongoing Live Music & Entertainment – Both Fernwood Resort and Big Sur River Inn have musicians scheduled through the winter; at least some kind of entertainment for weekends; call or check their events calendars to see what's going on: Fernwood Resort (831-667-2422) Events Calendar – or – Big Sur River Inn (831-667-2700 or toll free 800-548-3610) Music Calendar.-- Treebones Yurt Resort (805-927-2390) has "Sounds In the Round" live music 6:30-8:30PM on some Mondays.
Mondays December, 2017, live music, 6:30 to 8:30PM -- Treebones Big Sur Yurt Resort (805-927-2390) presents "Sounds in the Round" live music, reservations suggested.
Friday December 25, 2017 –- Christmas Day: Most all of the Big Sur Restaurants are not only open holidays but they also usually have special menus to celebrate the day; why not load up the family in the car and take a scenic PCH 1 road-trip for a fun holiday experience to remember; check individual businesses, Nepenthe closes at 5PM Christmas Day.
December 31st, evening; HAPPY NEW YEAR!: Many of the Big Sur Lodgings have New Years celebratory events with parties, live music, package deals and such but I can personally speak for the New Year’s Party at the Ragged Point Inn, having myself kicked out many an old year there and tell you true Big Sur is the perfect place to wake up and begin a new year!


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