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July bigest and best Big Sur events and celebrations marker.

JULY 2018 in Big Sur - In the summertime especially when it gets hot inland layer of thick fog will come cool, and wet the lower elevations of the coast; it can be beautiful to look down on but it can be an annoyance for some especially those who have come to enjoy the beautiful views of the Big Sur Coast. The fogs often lift during the middle of the day or you can venture inland or to higher ground to get out of it. If you happen to be roasting in the highlands or inland you might just want to come to the coast to cool off, many do. Personally I like the fog it’s part of the coastal experience, beautiful if you are above it and sometimes it can create a wonderful mystical kind of ambiance.
Esalen Institute: For quite some time Esalen has been the happening place on the Big Sur coast 4th of July weekend, they sponsor special workshops and have the annual performance music & dance gala, the Esalen International Arts Festival (EIAF); now a collaborative celebration with the Big Sur Spirit Garden (
Some Year Around Ongoing Venues & Attractions -- guided Horseback Rides at 4,800 acre Andrew Molera State Park -- enjoy this coastal paradise from horseback, tours through flower-studded meadows, enduring Redwood groves, translucent streams and every ride includes the beach.
Point Sur Moonlight Tours TBA 2018 and a few days & nights a month till September special lighthouse tours -- The Point Sur Lighthouse Moonlight Tours & Whale Watching Tours from early April till late September, a few times a month an awesome Moonlight Tours (TBA Tuesday & Wendsday July 19 & 20, 2018, at 7:30; 7:00 PM Wendsday & Thursday August TBA &, 2018; September TBA & TBA 6:15 PM...), (831- 625-4419), there are also Saturday and Sunday tours year round and mid week morning tours are available during the summer (April/October); meet at Point Sur parking lot early; Tours are limited so book ahead; For reservations call (831) 649-7139 or email No: pets, people or pets left in cars, motorhomes or campers, smoking, strollers or baby carriages.
Special Tourist Season Offerings: During the summer there are numerous nature study programs and events designed for children and some for parents with their children and some for the adults as well. Both San Simeon State Park and Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park have a Junior Ranger Program, guided nature walks and a nightly campfire program with slide shows, singing, and nature discussions. These programs extend through Labor Day.
Click to Visit Ventana Wildlife Society Website: Ventana Wildlife Society -  California condor reintroduction program, environmental education and research non-profit organization. Also the Ventana Wildlife Society has a full schedule of events called Natural Science Discovery Camp for ages 8-11 and 12-17 and some eco-outreach programs for family and adults too. Also Ventana Wildlife Society operates a Natural History / Nature Center with exhibits that are designed to acquaint visitors with Big Sur's plant and animal life. Located in the "Ranch House" next to Andrew Molera State Park and the Ventana Wildlife Society and at this same spot is the new Big Sur Cultural and Natural History Center. The Ventana Wildlife Discovery Center at Andrew Molera State Park is open year round Friday, Saturday & Sunday year round. 9:00 am - 4:00 pm.


August bigest and best Big Sur events and celebrations marker.

AUGUST 2018 in Big Sur - August can get hot, dry and dusty in the Big Sur back country; there can be morning and evening or even all day fogs on the lower coast but often perfect weather can be found in the Big Sur Valley and higher elevations of the coast. Why not have a dinner overlooking the soft white pillow coastal fog at Nepenthe Big Sur Restaurant or take the afternoon to float down the Big Sur River in an inner-tube?
August 4th 2018 & every first Saturday each month -- Monterey Wharf Walks at Old Fisherman’s Wharf: two hour History Walking Tours meet 10AM at the head of Old Fisherman’s Wharf near the pink “Harbor House” store. Advance reservations required (831 521-3304) or email
August TBA 2018: Point Sur Lightstation Moonlight Tours meet at Point Sur parking lot 7:00 PM; Tour space is limited and in demand so book early; For reservations call (831) 649-7139 or email No: pets, people or pets left in cars, motorhomes or campers, smoking, strollers or baby carriages.
The Henry Miller Memorial Library is like the social center of Big Sur...H.M. Memorial Library is the venue for many exciting fun summer Big Sur events.


September bigest and best Big Sur events and celebrations marker.

SEPTEMBER 2018 in Big Sur - Labor Day Weekend brings the last summer tourist season hurrah to the Big Sur coast. It’s ironic that after this some of the area’s best weather comes just after this time and it’s mostly just the locals there to enjoy it.
On Labor Day Weekend because there are so many celebrations elsewhere the Big Sur Coast is comparatively quiet, don’t get me wrong don’t make a road trip without reservations motels of Big Sur do fill that weekend but down in Cambria it is the historic annual “Pinedorado Days” and Monterey County has their Monterey County Fair.
Late summer is the time of year when you can see the largest animal to have ever lived on earth and they are still commonly spotted from the Big Sur coast, the blue whale, the California coast is one the few places on earth where the blue whale is often sighted; soon they will be replace by the annual appearance of their cousins the Gray Whales.
So if you want to enjoy the area’s best weather and a nice relaxed peaceful Big Sur ambiance without the crowds, Autumn is the best time to vacation on the Scenic Big Sur. The Big Sur beat goes on at many of the usual weekend live music and entertainment venues, they continue weekends through September and some Big Sur business save their best for last and have grand events in October. Another excuse to make a Big Sur Pacific Coast Highway 1 road-trip.
September, 2018: Check for fun events at Big Sur Henry Miller Library. and also for September and October Weekends entertainment; check to see what outrageous events are happening at Fernwood Resort... !
Thursday & Friday September TBA, 2018 Point Sur Lightstation Moonlight Tours meet at Point Sur parking lot 6:15 PM; Tours are limited so book early; For reservations call (831) 649-7139 or email No: pets, people or pets left in cars, motorhomes or campers, smoking, strollers or baby carriages.
Maybe you will be lucky enough to spot the earths biggest animal on earth the Blue Whale or even more likely to spot the giant California Condor which is equally as impressive if in flight up close.


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