South Hearst Castle Country Road Trip Photo Opportunity and Visitor Activity Town: Morro Bay, CA Habor Town

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Morro Bay Chamber
Visit the official Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce website.

Photograph from the Hearst Castle Country Road Trip Morro Bay Car Show and Morro Rock; click for a higher resolution copy of this tourist attraction picture of these hot rods in the Morro Bay car show on the road trip to a Hearst Castle vacation.
Click to enlarge this picture of hot rods in Morro Bay from the South Hearst Castle Country Road Trip

Information: Morro Bay is a wonderful town to visit on vacation; during the summer there is an event going on pretty much every weekend, the main thoroughfare through Morro Bay is blocked off for a great outdoor market every Saturday afternoon with the usual farmers market stuff plus small business additions and including local musicians and artists. The Natural History Museum, the Beach by the Rock and the Embarcadero are always worth a visit any day any time of year. There are also many gala events that are extremely cool to attend such as Independence Day, the Morro Bay Harbor Festival in the fall, and the Lighted Boat Parade during the Christmas holiday season.
Near Points of Interest: There is much to in Morro Bay, the communities of Baywood and Los Osos have some things to offer too, nice parks like Sweet Springs Bird Sanctuary, Los Osos Oaks, and Montaña de Oro, the Elfin Forest and another golf course. San Luis Obispo is a nice drive whichever way you go and it’s many varied wonderful offerings.
Beach Access and Day Use Parks & Picnic Areas: the Cloisters on the north end of Morro Bay has a children’s playground, accessible restrooms, picnic tables, and pedestal barbecues a small lake and wheelchair accessible trails; Coleman Park on the way to the rock has a children’s swing set, basketball court, sand dunes and trails, public restrooms and picnic tables.
Best places to Eat: The unique food offering that Morro Bay has is fast food drive in with drive-throughs. McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell and Morro Bay has other excellent Mexican food too, there is Lolo’s Mexican food, 2848 Main St, Morro Bay (805-772-5686) and Taco Temple at 2680 Main St ,Morro Bay,(805-772-4965). Being a harbor town they are also famous for their seafood; (all the following restaurants are located on the Embarcadero) I suggest the Giovanni's Fresh Fish & Galley (805-772-2123), Tognazzini's Dockside Restaurant (805-772-8100), or Flying Dutchman’s Seafood House (805-772-2269), Dorn’s Original Breakers Cafe (805-772-4415) is good too, and the Windows on the Water (805-772-0677) is also very popular. One of my favorite eateries in Morro Bay is the Hafbrau (805-772-2411), famous for their dip sandwiches and hot German potato salad, yuuuummmm! There are many, many, more good restaurants too.
Nearby Hotel Lodgings & Resorts: There are many motels in Morro Bay, the Anderson Inn and Ascot Suites are a couple of the favorites Morro Bay also has a small resort the Inn at Morro Bay.
Near Campgrounds: Morro Bay State Park has a choice recently renovated campground. There are also a couple of RV communities too, Morro Strand RV Park and Morro Dunes RV Park.
History & Museums: There is an excellent natural history museum across from the golf course on State Park Rd.
Gasoline, Public Restrooms, Supplies: Both of the best gas stations have good mini-marts and are just off PCH 1 on almost across from each other on Morro Bay Blvd; there is also a gas station and liquor store just off highway 1 on highway 41. There are public restrooms that even have outdoor showers down by “the rock” and public restrooms next to the playgroung at the Cloisters . There are a couple of grocery stores and a large pharmacy in MB too.
Other Facilities, Services or Activities: Morro Bay has great beaches and surf, the embarcadero, bay and back-bay, golf, camping, great motels, places to shop, hike and sightsee; nice small California harbor vacation town.

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  • Distance from Hearst Castle, San Simeon CA: 29 miles;
  • About 14 miles to the city of San Luis Obispo.
  • Next point of visitor point interest tourist attraction Montaña de Oro California State Park : 11.6 mi
  • Scenic Big Sur Pacific Coast Highway 1 Mile Marker: SLO 28.8
  • Location: 900 Morro Bay Boulevard, Morro Bay, CA, 93442
  • Latitude & Longitude: 35°22′32″N 120°51′19″W
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Click for link to hc aerial photographs of Morro Bay and Morro Rock and the rest of the Pacific California Coast.
Coastal Aerial Photos of this Location

Morro Bay California offers the following visitor activities, tourist services, traveler facilities and sightseer qualities:

- Beach Access * Ocean Fishing * Boating * Boat Launch * Water Sport Equipment Rentals * Surfing * Kite and Wind Surfing * Snorkeling & Scuba Diving
- Art Galleries * Artist Studios * Gift and Souvenir Shops
- Gas Stations * Mini Marts * General, Liquor & Convenience Stores * Souvenirs * Travel & Camping Supplies * Groceries * Pharmacy:
- Bird Watching * Nature Study * Natural History Museum
- Overnight Lodgings * Motels * Resorts * Bed and Breakfasts * Campgrounds
- Public Restrooms * Many Community Parks
- Public Pay Telephone Locations * Internet Access * Wi-Fi
- Restaurants * Grills * Delicatessens * Fast Food - Drive-Through Windows * Espresso Bars * Best Picnic Spots
- Scenic Vistas & Photo Opportunities * Hiking Trails * Scenic Walks
- Spiritual & Religious Locations * Churches along Road Trip Route

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