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This page begins a photo road trip, a picture tour with various points of interest and photo opportunity spots heading north up the Pacific Coast Highway 1 into the magnificent Big Sur and goes for 79 miles along PCH...Enjoy Life!

Big Sur California PCH 1 Vacation Drive Photo Tour Start, San Simeon California Hearst Zebra and other Exotics...

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Beautify your computers desktop with this widescreen wallpaper old one-room schoolhouse San Simeon California Hearst Castle in the distance; free computer desktop widescreen wallpaper of one-room schoolhouse San Simeon California Hearst Castle in the distance; click for San Simeon schoolhouse wallpaper 1280x1024 widescreen.

Beautify your computers desktop with this widescreen wallpaper Sambar Deer like Hearst has on his ranch in San Simeon California; free computer desktop widescreen wallpaper of Big Sur Coast photograph; click for San Simeon Sambar Deer wallpaper 1680x1050 widescreen.

Beautiful Cell Phone Wallpaper: Free cell phone wallpaper of the pier at William Randolph Hearst State Beach, a gorgeous San Simeon California seascape; free cell phone wallpaper of San Simeon California Coast photograph; click for San Simeon pier cell phone wallpaper 128x160.
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San Simeon
Visit a page about San Simeon at website.

zebras on the Hearst Ranch Photo: Beautiful photograph of zebras on the Hearst Ranch taken along the highway on this scenic Pacific Coast Highway 1 Drive Photo Tour; click for the larger free gorgeous zebras on the Hearst Ranch San Simeon California photo image.
Click to enlarge this picture zebras on the Hearst Ranch San Simeon California

Information: The zebras featured on this page are leftovers from William Randolph Hearst’s private zoo that like several other exotic species they now thrive on the Hearst San Simeon ranch and are a common site for visitors traveling on the Pacific Coast Highway.
Near Points of Interest: William Randolph Hearst State Beach, the old Village of San Simeon, and Hearst Castle, Hearst Castle California State Historical Monument.
Beach Access and Day Use Parks & Picnic Areas: William Randolph Hearst State Beach offers the perfect picnic spots tables, barbecue grills and everything, white sandy beach pier and more...One could spend days and days in this small area having fun, I have. If you haven’t you should take the time to stroll around what remains of the old village of San Simeon; Hearst has some architecturally beautiful buildings in the old Spanish style, a couple of still in use cowboy adobe residences and warehouses, just nice to look at don’t bother the people that live there. There is also a restored old one-room school house (photo available as widescreen wallpaper on this page). Have lunch and do some Hearst Ranch Wine tasting at historic Sebastian’s General Store and Café. William Randolph Hearst State Beach offers a large menu of recreational opportunities; there is fishing off the pier and rocks or in the surf; picnic, hike the “point” or just stroll on the beautiful beach. There is sometimes kayak rentals, or just relax…
Near places to Eat: Sebastian's General Store and Cafe in old San Simeon is the closest, they feature Hearst Ranch free range grass fed beef and have a Hearst Ranch Wine tasting room too, taste the local flavors! also Hearst Castle California State Historical Monument has concessions which offer fast food, hamburgers deli sandwiches, espresso and more... if you don't mind a beautiful scenic drive up PCH One 15 miles north is the wonderful ocean view Ragged Point Inn Restaurant the Ragged Point Inn also has the areas most Big Sur flavored lodging. If you want to drive south about 8 miles to Cambria the Main Street Grill is my favorite it is kind of fast food only bigger and better.
Near Hotel Lodgings & Resorts: there is a plethora of motels, hotels about 6 miles south in a motel-row called San Simeon Acres, of these the very best option is the Best Western Cavalier Oceanfront Resort if you want to drive a little further to Cambria, the Cambria Pines Lodge is my favorite it is about 9 or 10 miles south on the Pacific Coast Highway on Lodge Hill in Cambria. Going the short distance to Cambria opens a whole new world of vacation options.
Near Campgrounds: just past motel row (San Simeon Acres) just before you get to Cambria is the only camping in the area (and it is very nice) is at San Simeon State Beach.
History & Museums: Up on the Enchanted Hill Hearst Castle is like a giant art museum and down in the old village of San Simeon every building is of a historic nature, the old revival style Spanish/Mediterranean Hearst warehouses and cowboy houses are picturesque as is the restored one-room Pacific schoolhouse built in 1881. Sebastian’s General Store and Cafe is a historic landmark and has some cool related antiquities displayed.
Gasoline, Public Restrooms, Supplies: The closest gasoline available is 8.5 miles south on PCH 1 in Cambria; going north the next gas is at Ragged Point both gas stations have mini marts for supplies. There are many public restrooms available in San Simeon, at the Hearst Castle Visitors Center, at W.R. Hearst Memorial State Beach, and Sebastian’s General Store also has restrooms.
Other Facilities, Services or Activities: Just 5 scenic miles north is the Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal Rookery and just past that the Piedras Blancas Lighthouse and just 15 beautiful miles north is the Ragged Point Inn and Resort. If you want to head south there are several beaches to stop at along the way beautiful scenery and San Simeon Beach State Park has a nice self guided nature hike. Then just 8 or 9 miles south is the little town of Cambria which opens a whole new world of vacation oportunities including the chance to leave the coast turn inland and head for wine country!
The Big Sur area is one of my favorites but this virtual road trip is just to give you some ideas for planning a road trip of your own; you are in a large area that is build on tourism; no matter which way you go there are tourist attractions, travelers facilities and services, and activities geared for vacation fun. If you head west you will find the small but wonderful old San Simeon village and enchanting William Randolph Hearst California State Beach. If you go south down the Pacific Coast Highway you find nearby San Simeon Acres with a nice little beach, hiking, surfing and kite surfing, great motels and places to eat, picnic and camp. If you continue south about 6 miles you come to the lovely town of Cambria with multitudes of choices for sightseeing, shopping, dining, lodging. Cambria is followed by the equally as hospitable and enjoyable Cayucos, Morro Bay, and San Luis Obispo not to mention of the road places like Los Osos and Montano de Oro. If it is cool on the coast you may want to consider the alternative beautiful scenery that lies inland and the fun associated with Central California’s Wine Country...Enjoy Life!

Beautify your computers desktop with this widescreen wallpaper Aoudad Mountain Goats like Hearst had in his zoo San Simeon California ; free computer desktop widescreen wallpaper of Big Sur Coast photograph; click for San Simeon Aoudad Mountain Goats wallpaper 1680x1050 widescreen.

In the rocky crags and canyons of the 77,000 San Simeon acres still owned by the Hearst family can be found two of the world's fine big-game species: the Barbary sheep, known also as the aoudad (widescreen computer desktop wallpaper above), and the Himalayan tahr, a wild mountain goat. Transplanted to the ranch more than half a century ago, these natives of North Africa and Nepal respectively have adapted remarkably, and have become almost as much a part of San Simeon as the man who put them there. Besides zebras, Barbaries and tahr, the ranch also has thriving populations of sambar, (widescreen wallpaper also on this page) fallow deer, and elk.

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Activities Points of Interest
Custom Big Sur California Area Google Map: Locate area visitor points of interest and nearby tourist activities with this map:  information on all campgrounds, day-use picnic areas beaches, hiking trails, tourist attractions and visitor activities near Big Sur campgrounds.

Click for link to hc aerial photographs of this section of the Pacific California Coast.
Coastal Aerial Photos of this Location
  • Distance from San Simeon CA: 0 miles; Mileage to Carmel: 89 miles
  • Distance from previous visitor point of interest San Simeon Acres: 3.5 miles
  • Distance to next point of visitor point interest tourist attraction Hearst Castle Visitor Center: .5 mi
  • Scenic Big Sur Pacific Coast Highway 1 Mile Marker: SLO 57.8
  • Latitude & Longitude: Lat N 35° 38.616 Lon W 121° 11.137

This Big Sur road trip vacation location, San Simeon, offers the following visitor activities, tourist services, traveler facilities and sightseer qualities:

- wine tasting -- Hearst Ranch Wines
- Beach Access * Ocean Fishing * Boating * Kayak & Water Sport Equipment Rentals * Kayak Tours * Snorkeling & Scuba Diving -- William Randolph Hearst Memorial State Beach - kayak tours, rentals, body board & stand-up paddle boards, wetsuit rentals
- General, Liquor & Convenience Stores * Souvenirs * Travel & Camping Supplies * Groceries -- Sebastian's General Store and Cafe (805-927-3307)
- Historic Buildings & Locations -- Sebastian's General Store, California State Historical Landmark No. 726
- Public Restrooms
- Public Pay Telephone Locations
- Restaurants * Grills * Best Picnic Spots -- popular restaurant: Sebastian's General Store and Cafe (805-927-3307) - picnic at William Randolph Hearst Memorial State Beach
- Scenic Vistas & Photo Opportunities * Hiking Trails

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Summary Conclusion: Title: Big Sur California Scenic Pacific Coast Highway 1 Vacation Drive Photo Tour Traveler Point of Interest Information Page and Picture: 00-San_Simeon_California_Hearst_Zebra.jpg; San Simeon California, limitless vacation traveler activities and recreational opportunities. Close to Hearst Castle, William Randolph Hearst State Beach and more... Description: Old San Simeon Village along the highway on the Big Sur Pacific Coast Highway Drive Photo Tour: vacation pictures taken along PCH 1 and information about the traveler services, facilities and tourist activities at Old San Simeon Village; additionally there is also travel gear, vacation apparel and stuff for purchase for your vacation and travel needs from ads on this Big Sur California PCH 1 drive tour page also. Categories: san simeon, hearst, sebastians, spanish architecture, adobe, william randolph hearst state beach, warehouse, warehouses, white sand, beach, pier, fish, fishing, hike, hiking, places to eat, wine tasting room beach, picnic, barbecue, relax, unwind, walk, stroll, california, ca, calif, pacific california coast,pacific coast highway 1 ,pch 1, vacation, travel, traveler, tourist, activities, points of interest,things to do near big sur, things to do along the pacific coast highway, things to see, see, vista points, vistas, views, places to eat, eat, restaurants, hotels, motels, resorts, lodging, lodgings, inns, lodges, location, locations, photos, photographs, backgrounds, wallpapers free, picture, pictures, image, images Tags: old san simeon village hearst ranch wine tasting room sebastian's general store and cafe spanish architecture adobe william randolph hearst state beach, warehouse, warehouses, white sand beach pier fish fishing hike hiking eat beach picnic barbecue grill relax unwind stroll walk california ca calif coast pacific coast highway 1 one pch 1 vacation travel traveler tourist activities points of interest things to do see vista points places eat restaurants hotels motels resorts location locations photos photographs backgrounds wallpapers free picture pictures image images

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