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Big Sur California PCH 1 Road Trip Vacation Drive Photo Mile 28 Willow Creek Beach Big Sur California

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Beautiful Willow Creek Beach Photo: Beautiful photograph of Willow Creek Beach taken along the highway at mile 28 on this scenic Big Sur Pacific Coast Highway 1 Road Trip Drive Photo Tour; click for the larger free gorgeous Big Sur California Willow Creek Beach photo image.
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Beautiful Seagull Cell Phone Wallpaper: Free cell phone wallpaper of a seagull on a Big Sur California coast beach, a gorgeous Big Sur California seascape with a sea gull in the foreground; free cell phone wallpaper of Big Sur California Coast photograph of a pretty seagull; click for seagull on a Big Sur California coast beach cell phone wallpaper 128x160.
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Beautiful Willow Creek Beach Photo: Beautiful photograph of Willow Creek Beach taken along the highway at mile 28 on this scenic Big Sur Pacific Coast Highway 1 Road Trip Drive Photo Tour; click for the larger free gorgeous Big Sur California Willow Creek Beach photo image.
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Information: Willow Creek Beautiful Beach Access: (805-434-1996) When coming from the south Willow Creek is a welcome easy beach access the first since the abandoned Piedras Blancas Motel about 20 long miles south. It is nice after so many miles to get down close to the Pacific Ocean; the surf ocean fishing, beachcombing and rock-hounding are sometimes good at Willow Creek Beach and the surrounding countryside and vistas are gorgeous. There are public restrooms and sometimes picnic tables. Willow Creek Beach day use area provides an opportunity for rock-hounding and diving for jade; you might find some of that highly prized green rock if you go at the right time, know what to look for and how to find Big Sur Jade .
Near Points of Interest: Willow Creek Beach is a popular beach (and secret surf spot) destination for southern Big Sur Pacific Coastal Highway travelers and especially for visitors and guests at the two close by resorts Treebones Big Sur Yurt Resort and Gorda Springs Resort. Willow Creek is at the heart of the Big Sur Coast and offers a virtual treasure trove of outdoor recreational sports opportunities. A good place to get maps, and information is the nearby Pacific Valley Station ( 3 miles north U.S. Forest Service telephone: 805-927-4211), they also have restrooms and public telephones and are located 1 mile north of Sand Dollar Beach Picnic Area on the east side of Pacific Coast Highway 1. Many outdoor sports enthusiasts of all kinds make Limekiln State Park, Plaskett Creek Campground or Kirk Creek Campgrounds their base camps for their excursions and activities. The steep picturesque mountain country is popular with hang gliders and paragliders; the coastal bluffs above Jade Cove are a designated landing area. Nearby back country roads (Plaskett, Willow Creek-Los Burros Road, Coast Ridge Road ) and trails lead back to the wilderness for 4x4, high clearance auto, mountain bike and horseback riding backpacking and hiking fans. Pacific ocean fishermen, surfers and scuba divers all come here for the outdoor recreation opportunities as do kayakers and other small watercraft owners.
Beach Access and Day Use Parks & Picnic Areas: For jade hunting, tide-pooling, and rock-hoping the rocky beach at Willow Creek Beach is fine but just 2 miles north if you are looking for a beach to play and lay it's impossible to beat the long white sandy beach at Sand Dollar Beach but 7 miles north Mill Creek Picnic Ground which has a quite nice small picnic spot and easier access to the beach area another a close option 8 miles north is Kirk Creek Campground, it has a nice short trail that leads down to the beach which is a popular spot for surfing, rock fishing and beachcombing. Another mile north past Kirk Creek Campground is Limekiln State Park. One of the best beaches on the Big Sur coast is Pfeiffer State Beach it is 34.5 miles, the turnoff is at Sycamore Canyon; another great long white sandy Big Sur Beach which is popular is just 2 miles north of here is Sand Dollar Beach which provides easy access to a large picnic area with restrooms and barbecue grills on the top of the bluff, there is a nice long big sandy beach at the bottom of some steep stairs, Sand Dollar Day Use Pincnic Area and Beach is a little over 2 miles north.
Near places to Eat: My favorite Big Sur Ocean View restaurant Nepenthe is 32 gorgeous miles north on the scenic PCH; Lucia is 12 miles north and has a very nice ocean view restaurant (try the fish & chips) and the closest restaurant to the south is the Whale Watcher Cafe at Gorda Springs or Treebones Big Sur Yurt Resort both of which are less than 1 mile.
Near Hotel Lodgings & Resorts: Lucia Lodge 11 miles ahead to the north and the south both Gorda Springs Cottages and Treebones Big Sur Yurt Resort are less than 1 mile away, Treebones is the closest look for the sign just off the Pacific Coast Highway on the dirt turnoff road.
Near Campgrounds: One of my very favorite Big Sur Campgrounds, Plaskett Creek Campground, is just 2 miles to the north. Less than 1 mile to the south and offering very unique camping is Treebones Big Sur Yurt Resort. The closest other campground is to the north 9 miles Kirk Creek Campground; the next closest one to the north would be Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park which is 26 miles north.
Gasoline, Public Restrooms, Supplies: Gorda Springs has gasoline and everything and is about 1 mile south on PCH 1; Lucia is about 12.5 miles north and they have gas and a small mini mart and everything.
Other Facilities, Services or Activities: On the coast in this area the traveler services and tourist facilities are sparse and spread out and this won't change for the next 32 miles.

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Custom Big Sur California Area Google Map: Locate area visitor points of interest and nearby tourist activities with this map:  information on all campgrounds, day-use picnic areas beaches, hiking trails, tourist attractions and visitor activities near Big Sur campgrounds.

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Willow Creek
Visit the official Willow Creek day use Parks Management Company Website.
Official Website
  • First public beach access for 20 miles since Piedras Blancas Motel;
    Ragged Point Inn nature trail is 13 miles south has beach access but it is a short strenuous hike.
  • Distance from San Simeon CA: 28 miles; Mileage to Carmel: 61 miles
  • Scenic Big Sur Pacific Coast Highway 1 Mile Marker: MON 11.6
  • Latitude & Longitude: Lat N 35° 53.561 Lon W 121° 27.649

This Big Sur road trip vacation location, Willow Creek Beach, offers the following visitor activities, tourist services, traveler facilities and sightseer qualities:

- Beach Access * Ocean Fishing * Surfing * Wind Surfing * Snorkeling & Scuba Diving -- Willow Creek Big Sur Surf Spot at - Willow Creek Beach Day Use Area at Parks Managemnet Company
- Best Picnic Spots
- Scenic Vistas & Photo Opportunities * Hiking Trails * Backcountry Roads

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Summary Conclusion: Title: Willow Creek Beach: Big Sur California Scenic Pacific Coast Highway 1 Road Trip Vacation Drive Photo Tour Traveler Point of Interest Information Page Mile 28 and Picture: 28-Willow_Creek_Beach_California.jpg; Willow Creek Beach and Day Use Picnic Area, Jade Hunting, Rock-Hounding, Beachcombing, Surfing, Ocean Fishing, Skin-Diving, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Tide-Pooling Marine Nature Study, Rock-Hopping quick stop to use the public restrooms or have Big Sur California Coastal Picnic at beautiful Willow Creek Beach day use area. Description: Willow Creek Beach and Big Sur California Coatal Scenic Vista Point, coast access along the highway on the Big Sur Pacific Coast Highway Drive Photo Tour: vacation pictures taken along PCH 1 and information about the traveler services, facilities and tourist activities at Willow Creek Beach; additionally there is also travel gear, vacation apparel and stuff for purchase for your vacation and travel needs from ads on this Big Sur California PCH 1 drive tour Willow Creek Beach page also. Categories: willow creek beach, scenic, planning a road trip, vacation, drive, tour, traveler, visitor, surf spot, point of interest, information, day use, picnic area, jade hunting, rock-hounding, skin-diving, snorkeling, beachcombing, surfing, ocean fishing, scuba diving, kayaking, tide-pooling, marine nature study, public restrooms, picnic, picnicking, willow creek, beach, scenic vista point, road trip, surf, spot, information, jade, rocks,ocean, fishing, scuba, diving, ocean kayaking,marine, seagulls,cellphone wallpapers,big sur widescreen wallpaper,widescreen wallpaper, wallpaper, restrooms, big sur, california, ca, calif, pacific california coast,pacific coast highway 1 ,pch 1, vacation, travel, traveler, tourist, activities, points of interest,things to do near big sur, things to do along the pacific coast highway, things to see, see, vista points, vistas, views, places to eat, eat, restaurants, hotels, motels, resorts, lodging, lodgings, inns, lodges, location, locations, photos, photographs, backgrounds, wallpapers free, picture, pictures, image, images Tags: willow creek beach scenic planning a road trip vacation drive photo tour traveler surf spot point of interest information day use picnic area jade hunting rock-hounding skin-diving snorkeling beachcombing surfing ocean fishing scuba diving kayaking tide-pooling marine nature public restrooms picnic picnicking big sur california ca calif coast pacific coast highway 1 one pch 1 vacation travel traveler tourist activities points of interest things to do see vista points places eat restaurants hotels motels resorts location locations photos photographs backgrounds wallpapers free picture pictures image images

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