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Big Sur California PCH 1 Vacation Drive Road Trip Photo 54 Julia Pfeiffer Burns Calif Coast & Partington Trail

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Photo of the trailhead for Partington Canyon trail leading from PCH 1 to beautiful Partington Cove.

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Pacific Ocean rugged Big Sur California Coast View Photo: Beautiful photograph of a Pacific Ocean rugged Big Sur California Coast View from Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park; click for the larger free gorgeous Big Sur California rugged coast seacape image.
Pacific Ocean rugged Big Sur California Coast View; Click for larger scenic seascape

Information: These beautiful Pacific Ocean rugged Big Sur California Coast views are almost over for a while. After you leave the main Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park (831-667-2315) heading north there is a vista point then at not quite 2 miles you come to the historic Partington Canyon Trail (see upper left thumbnail picture) which leads to Partington Cove. Much of the tan bark and lumber was shipped out of Partington Cove. The trail begins on the west shoulder of Highway 1, at the north end of the highway bridge over Partington Canyon, it drops about 200 vertical feet then there is a tunnel that goes through the ridgeline that opens into a beautiful cove which still has parts of the shipping tools bolted to the rocks; there's a nice short out and back scenic branch to the creek too. In addition, hiking inland from Partington Cove into Partington Canyon is a great hike! ... Tanbark AKA, Tan Bark Trail goes 3.3 miles inland to the abandoned Tin House featuring the creek, nice coastal views, redwoods; loop and branch options.
Beach Access and Day Use Parks & Picnic Areas: There is a fun interesting trail to Partington Cove but there isn't much of a beach at that location, there is really no good beach access anywhere near here, the high steep cliffs don’t allow it; the closest beach access north to a nice beach (Pfeiffer State Beach) is 10.5 miles the turnoff is at Sycamore Canyon; the beach access to the south is 17 miles at Limekiln Creek State Park. There is wonderful picnic area in the redwoods at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park; the closest one to the north would be Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park which is 8 miles north and the Lucia Lodge has a nice ocean view free picnic area and Lucia is 12 miles to the south.
Near places to Eat: My favorite Big Sur Ocean View restaurant Nepenthe is 9 miles north on the scenic PCH and the closest restaurant to the south is the Restaurant at the Lucia Lodge which is 14 miles.
Near Hotel Lodgings & Resorts: Deetjen's Big Sur Inn and Restaurant is 8 miles ahead to the north and the Lucia Lodge is 12 miles south.
Near Campgrounds: This is the location of the tiny environmental tent campground with the much sought after highly coveted handful of ocean view tent campsites. Closest other campground is to the south 17 miles at Limekiln Creek State Park.; the closest one to the north would be Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park which is 8 miles north.
History & Museums: John Partington ran a business harvesting and hauling the bark of the tanbark oak down to ships in what is now called Partington Cove in the late 1800s The tannin-rich bark was moved down the canyon and through the tunnel by mules pulling sleds sporting wheels in the front and rails in back to the awaiting ships where it would be hauled away to be used in the process of tanning leather. Legend also has it that during prohibition, Partington cove was a much used landing point for the rum-runners smuggling liquor. The cove also served as an equipment and materials drop off point during the building of Highway 1. These days, the impressive tunnel and only a few rusty iron rings, bolts in the rocks and timbers are all that remain, from the operations.
Gasoline, Public Restrooms, Supplies: To the south 14 miles on PCH are gasoline, supplies and public restrooms at Lucia; the next gas station north is at the Big Sur Center 12 miles up the Pacific Coast Highway 1.
Other Facilities, Services or Activities: On the coast in this area south the traveler services and tourist facilities have been sparse and spread out but soon the highway heading north leaves the coast and heads up the Big Sur River Valley where there many clusters of business and they are fairly close together.

Photo of the tunnel on the for Partington Canyon trail leading from PCH 1 to beautiful Partington Cove; click for a larger file of this Partington Cove trail tunnel photograph.
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Custom Big Sur California Area Google Map: Locate area visitor points of interest and nearby tourist activities with this map:  information on all campgrounds, day-use picnic areas beaches, hiking trails, tourist attractions and visitor activities near Big Sur campgrounds.

Click for link to hc aerial photographs of this section of the Pacific California Coast.
Coastal Aerial Photos of this Location
  • After the Nepenthe Restaurant about 7 miles north the scenery will change because the Pacific Coast Highway 1 zigs inland through the Big Sur River Valley; you will see more big redwood trees and roadside businesses and less scenic Pacific Ocean California coast vistas.
  • Distance from San Simeon CA: 54 miles; Mileage to Carmel: 35 miles
  • Scenic Big Sur Pacific Coast Highway 1 Mile Marker: MON 37.8
  • Latitude & Longitude: Lat N 36° 10.614 Lon W 121° 41.66

Julia Pfeiffer Burns Calif Coast & Partington Trail offers the following visitor activities, tourist services, traveler facilities and sightseer qualities:

- Beach Access * Ocean Fishing * Snorkeling & Scuba Diving - diving in this area requires a special-use dive permit
- Art Galleries * Artist Studios * Gift and Souvenir Shops
- Historic Buildings & Locations - historic tanbark shipping ruins
- Scenic Vistas & Photo Opportunities * Hiking Trails

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Summary Conclusion: Title: Julia Pfeiffer Burns CA Coast Views and Partington Canyon Trail to Partington Cove Big Sur California Scenic Pacific Coast Highway 1 Vacation Drive Photo Tour Traveler Point of Interest Information Page and Picture: 52-Julia_Pfeiffer_Burns_Calif_Coast.jpg; road trip mile 54 features scenic Pacific coast views, three hikes on Partington Canyon Trail, Tan Bark Trail and Partington Cove. Description: Julia Pfeiffer Burns scenic Pacific coast views, three hikes on Partington Canyon Trail, Tan Bark Trail and Partington Cove just off the highway 1 on the Big Sur Pacific Coast Highway Drive Road Trip Photo Tour mile 54: vacation pictures taken along PCH 1 and information about the traveler services, facilities and tourist activities at Julia Pfeiffer California State Park; additionally there is also travel gear, vacation apparel and stuff for purchase for your vacation and travel needs from ads on this Big Sur California PCH 1 drive tour scenic Pacific coast views, hikes Partington Canyon Trail, Tan Bark Trail and Partington Cove road trip mile 54 page also. Categories: julia pfeiffer burns state park, julia pfeiffer burns, california state park, vista, view, pullout, pfeiffer, state park, trail, hike, partington canyon, partington cove, tan bark, lumber, tin house, ocean, hiking, trails, big sur, california, ca, calif, pacific california coast,pacific coast highway 1 ,pch 1, vacation, travel, traveler, tourist, activities, points of interest,things to do near big sur, things to do along the pacific coast highway, things to see, see, vista points, vistas, views, places to eat, eat, restaurants, hotels, motels, resorts, lodging, lodgings, inns, lodges, location, locations, photos, photographs, backgrounds, wallpapers free, picture, pictures, image, images Tags: julia pfeiffer burns california state park vista view pullout trail hike partington canyon partington cove tan bark lumber tin house ocean hiking trails big sur california ca calif coast pacific coast highway 1 one pch 1 vacation travel traveler tourist activities points of interest things to do see vista points places eat restaurants hotels motels resorts location locations photos photographs backgrounds wallpapers free picture pictures image images

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