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Public Restroom locations along the highway PCH 1 Big Sur CA Road Trip...

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Lucia Lodge at SunsetBeautiful Cell Phone Wallpaper: Free cell phone wallpaper of the Lucia Lodge just after sunset, a gorgeous view of the tiny village of Lucia purched on the edge of the Big Sur California coastal cliff; free cell phone wallpaper of Lucia Lodge just after sunset photograph; click for Pacific Coast Lucia Lodge Sunset cell phone wallpaper 128x160 other cell phone sized wallpapers below.
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NOTE restaurant & gas station restrooms: In California most all restaurants and gas stations have restrooms for customers (most are wheelchair accessible), I have never had anyone stop me from using their restrooms because I was not a customer; I would feel free to exit the highway and use the restrooms at any gas station or restaurant if the urgent need arose.

Public Restrooms Locations from South to North:

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Beautify your computers desktop with this widescreen wallpaper of the Big Sur California Coast in the moonlight; free computer desktop widescreen wallpaper of view from the Lucia Lodge at night; click for Lucia Lodge Big Sur California Coast  in the moonlight wallpaper 1260x960 widescreen.
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