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Cell Phone Coverage, Telephones in Motel Rooms, Public Payphones, Internet Access & Wi-Fi:

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Picture of the sign and big oak tree by the highly rated Glen Oaks Motel in Big Sur; click for a better look at the Glen Oaks Motel.
Glen Oaks Highway Sign

Big Sur River Inn Symbol: Iconic Image of primative chairs in the Big Sur River at the Big Sur River Inn; click for a closer look at a classic way to cool your feet in the river in this chair at the Big Sur River Inn
Big Sur River Inn
iconic chair in river

Telephones and Internet along this Road Trip: In the inhabited areas at the north end like Monterey and at the south like Cambria cell phone service is good but... When it comes to telephones along the Big Sur Coast there’s good news and bad. The bad news is that cell phone reception is spotty at best and often nonexistence. Some cell phone companies work better than others; I have been told that Verizon and AT&T are best but don’t depend on your cell phone this trip all the way from San Simeon to Carmel Highlands can be bad or nonexistent; it can be better in the Big Sur River Valley because they have a cell tower there. Also the wiring is limited so chances are good that if you get a motel room it will not have a telephone in it. The good news is that the pay phones haven’t disappeared there like they have in so many places so if you need to make an important call you will likely find a payphone nearby to use. Also internet and Wi-Fi is common sometimes good and often free. The opposite can also be true for instance at Ragged Point Inn it cost extra but even the hotel desk clerks will tell you it is not worth having, slow, worse than dial-up.

Payphones along the Big Sur Highway:

Internet & Wi-Fi Connections:

Almost every Big Sur Lodging offers internet access in one form or another.

Wildflower Widescreen Wallpapers: Beautify your computers desktop with this widescreen wallpaper of bright orange cheery California poppies, deep purple lupines, wildflower field and the Big Sur hills background in the distance; free computer desktop widescreen wallpaper of Big Sur California; click for California poppies, lupines, wildflower field and the Big Sur hills background wallpaper 1000x800 widescreen.
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Beautiful Cell Phone Wallpaper: Free cell phone wallpaper of the pier at William Randolph Hearst State Beach, a gorgeous San Simeon California seascape; free cell phone wallpaper of San Simeon California Coast photograph; click for San Simeon pier cell phone wallpaper 128x160.
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